Monday, February 10, 2014

The Matiny's


If anyone can translate the back of the picture sleeve, that would be great.  

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Label location: Nederland

Come On And Tell

Strolling Along

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Pluisje said...


Here they are...
Two young, sweet and sympathic sisters, real teenagers, with a euphonious, nice voice: with it two guitars that with good fingering: here is a fast portrait of The Matiny's.

Dynamic and also artful they play there large repertoire and conquer also the hearts of all young listeners.

After the first contact with the audience, for 3 months they performed several weeks, their first record will be very welcome to loads of young teenager-fans that made The Matiny's their favorite.

Greetingsa from The Netherlands

Derik said...

Dahnk oo vel Pluisje!

Kees said...

Correction: from Belgium, not the Netherlands.
The claim that "loads of young teenager-fans made The Matiny's their favorite" is actually wishful thinking. The girls remained obsure and never came to any fame.
Jean Van Horen is (was?) a Belgian orchestral leader.

Kees said...

More info found and pic on
From town of Balen (Belgian Limburg), sisters Maria and Tinni Hendrickx

Derik said...

Thanks Kees. Wonder why the back of the sleeve has text in Dutch, if they were from Belgium? Do the speak Dutch in that part of Belgium?

Shalom said...

They speak Flemish, which is either the Belgian dialect of Dutch, or another language almost identical to Dutch, depending on who you ask. My old dictionary (1964) lists it as a language of its own, but Pikiwedia says "In Flanders [the northern part of Belgium], Dutch is the official language and Flemish the common name for it."

Kees said...

As Shalom pointed out, in the northern half of Belgium, the better half for sure, they speak Dutch. They even speak better Dutch than one does in Holland, where they care less about their language. The southern part is for French speaking, Brussels is divided battle ground for language and there even is a small zone (Eupen) where German is the official language! No wonder poor Belgium has so much trouble to find unity and identity.

Pluisje said...

Correction :-p I am from The Netherlands ;-) The girls are from Belgie [as we call it in Dutch]