Monday, January 13, 2014

Bobby Holeman

I think the GM stands for Gilmer Music.  Looks like Gilmer and Gladewater are only about 5 miles apart so it could the G could stand for either.  I found this 1966 news article from the local Gilmer Mirror:

Bobby Holeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Holeman of Gilmer, has released his first record in the Country Music field.  Bobby wrote one of the songs he recorded and is co- writer of the "flip" side of the record.  He started about a year ago to teach himself singing as he has done for many other singers.  It wasn't until that time that he decided to become a singer as he had been encouraged by friends and family to do so.   The B side, "In the Middle of the Night" was written and is sung by Bobby.  The musicians are Hugh Blair: steel guitar; Sob Steel, Larry Henson, bass; Charlie Mills, drums.  Side A, "You Taught Her Everything She Knows," was written by Bobby and Billy Ray Smith who is a former Upshur County boy. The musicians for this side were: Sob Steele, lead guitar; Barney Holcomb, rhythm guitar; Gary Fedeau, bass; Wayne Granger, drums.  These professional musicians were some of the ones used on the record Jack Goolsby recently made for Gilmer Records. The owner of GM Records in Gladewater says about the record, "This could be a very good start." Bobby was formerly lead guitar for Bob McGee on "The Bob McGee Show." He played for the Winona Hoedown Show, the Ferrell Brothers, and several years for the annual Yamboree street dance, and has played for different affairs at the Gilmer Country Club and with many other shows around Texas.  He also played rhythm guitar on Jack Goolsby's record.

Find-A-Grave lists a Bobby Holeman buried in Gilmer texas.  1935-2001.

GM 116
Year: 1963 or 1964
Label location: Gladewater, Texas
Pressed by: ?

You Taught Her Everything She Knows

In The Middle Of The Night

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