Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wally Horton

Bob the Scared Data Miner wrote:
Wally Horton played guitar for Hank Williams. He came from Alabama and was at the time of this release a country DJ on WISZ in Glen Burnie, Maryland (about five miles from Baltimore). With his own band, The Playboys, he performed in local clubs about three or four nights a week.

Also in 1965, Mount Rainier, MD Rebel Records issued a single by Wally Horton :

Rebel 251 : Heartbroken love b/w Where were you last night

Kardo Records was owned by Philip M. Carter of Odenton, MD

I couldn't find out where Wally's hometown was.

Anther Kardo release that I know of:
Willie Samples - The Stool Next To Me b/w Help Me Up Darling (Kardo 12005)

Kardo 12004
Year: 1965


That Old Hometown Of Mine

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DrunkenHobo said...

I can add Marie Flynt Kardo (MD) 45 - 12002 "Let Me KNow" is a Solid stroller in the Rockabilly style