Friday, December 27, 2013

Fred Boyd (2nd post)

This label was made purely to supply Seeburg jukeboxes with cheap records.  I mostly pass these by when I see them, but I've always liked the song Moody River.  Originally written by Chase Webster and issued as Southern Sound 101, the song became a hit for Pat Boone in 1961.  So this version is probably not long afterward.  In my opinion the song really suffers when you remove that piano refrain.

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Chase Webster version:

Seeburg 7018
Year: 196?

Moody River

Right There's The Door

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Mellow said...

Boyd's deep voice reminds me a bit of Johnny Sea when he sang "My Baby Walks All Over Me." Add a Johnny Cash sound to his voice!

DrunkenHobo said...

Fred Boyd Blue Sky (FL) 45 - 116 I married The BLues / Heading South (1961)

Fred Boyd Seeburg Discotek (IL) 45 - 7016 Alone With You / Shame Shame (1965)