Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dale Allen & The Rebel Rousers

This copy belonged to the manager/arranger of the band, John Syck.  The number 10762 is either the date it was recorded or the date it was pressed.  As you can sort of see in the image, the labels of the 45 were damaged at some point and restored by a dealer who lives in Duluth.  He's pretty good at finding matching paint.  He told me in the early 1980s he went to John Syck's home in Duluth and bought his last 10 copies of this record.

I was also told by the same dealer that Dale Allen was either sued or threatened with a lawsuit by Duane Eddy for violation of copyright in using the name Rebel Rousers, so the name was changed to The Titans in 1963.  Included in the folder are some but not all of their recordings.

This page has some good photos, (wow, go go dancers) and other info:

Vampire 10762 (Kay Bank 3289)
Year: 1962


On The Spot (instr.)

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KL from NYC said...

Thanks for these.
That JiffyJeff link was taking forever to load the photos, but I got to see the one with the Go-Go girls.

michael vee said...

I'd like to know tho' who was Dale Allen as he's not mentioned / shown in the Titans' pics a the JiffyJeff-site.... (fab tune, btw, thx for posting)