Friday, December 6, 2013

Ardis Wells

Ardis and Jimmy Wells polaroid.  Notice red car has Dakota Roundup painted on it.

Dakota Roundup, Billboard 09-24-55

Kentucky New Era. February, 1948

l-r: Fern Dale, Ardis Wells, Jan North, Patti Williams
Ardis Wells passed away last February.  I had planned to visit her at her nursing home and post the interview along with all her records.  But I got too busy with grad school and lost a great opportunity to meet the queen of the Flame Cafe.

So I thought I'd upload all the images and audio that I have of her, in some sort of tribute. These records are from the mid fifties, except for the Azalea record which is from 1960.  Chuck Carson even makes an appearance on the Joyce 45, using his real name Krenz.

Apparently the Flame Cafe was split up into a front room with a bar, and the main dining room and another larger stage in the back.  Ardis Wells and Her Rhythm Ranch Girls played on top of the bar of the front room, and would have been the first thing people saw as they entered.  They must have been quite a thing to see, all dancing and singing together among the liquor bottles.

Here is a obituary/bio:

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Duke said...

That my friend is an excellent post.
Some great pictures too. I'm sorry to hear you missed a chance to interview Ardis...

DrunkenHobo said...

Baby Doll must have taken off as it got a 2nd Press (1961) Federal (OH) 45 - 12422

Nice tribute & great outfits worn by the gals.

DrunkenHobo said...

I have this Joyce label listed as being from (KY) anybody confirm and around 1955

Todd said...

Hi Friend. I'd love to here these classic Ardis Wells songs. Any chance you might re-upload? Thank you for all your shares.

Derik said...

I replaced all 4 posts with new download links. Enjoy.

Todd said...

Thank you! I forgot how to find you and just came across it again. I've bookmarked you now. Cheers!