Thursday, December 12, 2013

Andy Walsh & The Barn Dance Gang

Andy Walsh was one of the headliners / bandleaders on KSTP Sunset Valley Barn Dance.  These pictures are scanned from my copy of the book "David Stone in Sunset Valley", a coffee-table type book from 1983 about the history of the show and its artists.

An instrumental track called Guitar Boogie (b/w Spanish Two Step) was issued originally on the FM label, and also on Soma 1013.  Thanks to Dean for sharing the label scan.

North Star 2011 (Kay Bank 88)
Year: 1955

Play An Old Time Waltz

A Lifetime Of Lovin'

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Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

"Guitar Boogie" was the first non-polka record issued by Soma (Soma 1013) on 78 rpm and 45 rpm

Derik said...

Oh yeah, now I remember. Thanks for reminding me Bob. I even had a label image.

DrunkenHobo said...

(1957) FM (MN) 45 - 1007 was the 1st press of Guitar Boogie. I can send you a label shot if you need it? Cheers Dean

Derik said...

Sure, Hobo. Sent it to my email. Thanks. I'm not surprised FM pressed it first. A few of the early Soma records have FM matrices.

Timmy said...

Great versions Great STUFF!
And that link.... WHOA! Wonderful shots the farther you click!