Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Donald Voeltz

excerpt from Donald Voeltz obit 2003:

Donnie was born January 26, 1944.  He attended Cedar City rural school and went to Rose Creek High School, graduating in 1962. He loved music, his guitar and singing. He cut several records, then went on to Mankato Business College, graduating in 1964.

In 1964, he married Janet Smith in Lakota, Iowa. They lived in Rochester, Mn for 15 years, employed at International Trucking. They then moved to Phoenix, Ariz., where he owned several businesses.
Donald passed away February 13, 2003, at his home in Phoenix, Ariz.

Pat Jennings & Roger Stall: Guitars
Williard Lindstrom: Steel Guitar

Kay Bee 6032 (Kay Bank 2837)
Year: 1962

Annie Laurie

Good Bye Little Darling

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jeff voeltz said...

hello this is jeff voeltz the son of doanld voeltz i would like to thank you for finding my fathers record and takeing the time to put this up.we still have a few of his records and have turned them into cds and this is the first time he was posted in a blog.if he was alive today he would be greatfull for someone takeing the time to do something like that,like i said thank you and the family thanks you it brought tears to our eyes to find donald has done it all he is rembered for his big heart to all those whom ever meet his he had to quit playing due to his Muscular Dystrophy and was in a wheel chair in 1987 and lived out a full life.agian thank you so much for letting us enjoy his music agian