Thursday, November 28, 2013

Buddy Jibben

Kay Bee #
Year: 1963
Label location: Minnesota
Pressed by: Kay Bank 3916

Dakota Memories

Our First Thanksgiving Day

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Shawnda Jibben said...

Buddy Jibben is my Grandfather. I tried to download and it did not work for me. I am interested in downloading this. I have my own copy of the 45's but I would like a digital copy. Thank you!

Derik said...

I replaced the download link, so it should work now. You can also download the songs individually by clicking on the down arrow at the bottom of the player.

Shawnda, if you can share any information about your grandfather, or have any photos of him, I would appreciate it. I can add them to the blog post. I am looking for a better copy of the record as well, if you have any more. Just send me an email:

Thanks for visiting,

troySD57 said...

Bummer, it says it no longer exists on the server. I was singing this last night in Goodwin to some friends. We played this 45 over and over and over. 'Buddy' Jibben was what he was known by when he was singing. We lived a mile from him and Lilly. My stepfather was Lilly's brother. We thought he was so famous because he had a record! We still have a 45 'somewhere'. My sister and I are going to look for it. If you get another digital link set up, I'd love a digital copy, too.

Derik said...

I am living abroad in a remote area with limited access to internet. I was able to upload new streaming links, but the full download folder wouldn't upload for me. I'll keep trying. You can still download them invidually from the streaming player.

troySD57 said...

Thank you so much, Derik! It worked like a charm. :)