Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sherwin Linton & The Fenderbenders

Eddy Thorpe, Bob Trebus, Rich Pommer, Sherwin Linton

I'd like to know if the switch to Zippyshare embedded player is working well.  It seems it increases the load time of the pages.  I can go back to Divshare, if that suits you all better.  Let me know.

As you can see at the bottom right corner of the photograph, it says Arko Records.  Mystery solved!

Photo taken from http://www.sherwinlinton.com/

Arko 6201 (Kay Bank 2980)
Year: 1962

Twist A Hole In The Ground

Above And Beyond

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Duke said...

I love zippyshare. Many thanks for the great rare posts

DrunkenHobo said...

Your getting good at this small label mystery thing. Spot on.

Bill S. said...

Both formats work fine for me. You've had some real gems recently...thanks so much for sharing! Nothing satisfies like vintage small-label 45's!!!