Monday, September 9, 2013

The Houle Brothers

The Houle Brothers were from North Dakota, of Native American and French decent.  They recorded at Kay Bank quite a bit, and are well-known among record collectors in Minnesota.  Inside the folder is an article from "Upper Midwest Country & Western Music Scene November '73".  I scanned it from a friend and converted it to pdf.  Their most sought-after record is of course, Dream Night on the Circle Dot label.  I've included all recordings that I possess in the folder.  I don't have all they produced.  Not sure, but I think that not all of the four brothers are still alive.  I know they were renowned for playing their guitars upside down behind their heads, as the photo shows.  Also, every other person I talk to pronounces the name Houle differently.

Ordinary Country Singer

It's So Nice To Be With You (Vocal - Phyllis Lynn)

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DrunkenHobo said...

I have Lennie Dircks & Houle Bros. Band Star (MN) 45 - 9164 - How Do You Say Good-Bye? / Crying In My Sleep (Year?)

did i get it off you? If not and you need it let me know Dean

DrunkenHobo said... has arepro off the dream Night 45rpm with sound file of flip

DrunkenHobo said... has a version of "Sometimes I Feel Like Leaving Town" but alt flip side

Derik said...

Yes, I posted that Lennie Dircks record. Thanks for the link to that bside. I've added to my collection.

Timmy said...

Nice. Thank you.

zephyr said...

Thank you very much Derik

Sam Liggett said...

My grandpa, Richard Houle, was one of the members. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us

Tim Johnson said...

Cal Hoele was my uncle in law. His son Earnist and some of the grandsons of the 4 are still playing today.