Friday, September 20, 2013

Ernest Stoneman

I just couldn't get a good transfer of this disc.  It has feedback but it still almost listenable.  I tried all kinds of things like changing the microphone inputs levels, and the settings on my stereo receiver, but I couldn't remove it.  Someday I'll figure out a good system, I hope.  Until then here's the best I can do.

Domino 3964
Year: 1927

When The Roses Bloom Again

Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

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Allen`s Archive said...

Actually you`ve done pretty good for transfering a 78. The Domino label was a cheap dimestore brand, pressed from inferior materials, making even a mint condition disc noisy. Plus, the masters are from the acoustic era (a horn recording, no microphone) making more of a flat sound. Good to hear you didn`t turn the treble down to get rid of the hiss. Some people do that and then lose a good bit of the sound of the recording.
Keep up the good work! Allen