Friday, September 6, 2013

Ebay 45s Vol. 5 & 6

Here are back to back volumes, for the glutinous record fans among you.  I began tagging the tracks in my iTunes, so I can repost this and future volumes when links become inactive.

Vol 5, 46 tracks:
Click here to --->>>Download

Vol 6, 34 tracks
Click here to --->>>Download


zephyr said...

Thank you very much Derik there will be a lot of treasure in here I believe.

DrunkenHobo said...

Thank you. Had fun this morning adding missing labels shots you had found, correcting tags as a result of having correct image. Adding missing B-sides that had not been reissued. Found some new to me as well. Big thanks for the cool (NJ) 45 I have added it in in the cool topic. All in all FANTASTIC. More volumes please.

Note: Ray Whisnant : I'm A Fool Over You - The version in you ebay collection is slower + has a chrous. The versions on youtube are faster with no chrous. I believe these are taken from collector cd 4527 and may have been alt by Mr. Clops or be alt takes? anybody know for sure? Or was it issued twice with the same issue number but differnt takes?

Derik said...

You're welcome hobo. I'm glad someone is enjoying my work. Man, I bet you have quite a nice music collection on your computer. Wish we could get together and share hard drives. In Minnesota anytime soon?

Not sure about the Ray Whisnant versions, but my guess is two versions were issued. Who knows for sure. Did you notice "I'm A Fool Over You" is a ripoff of George Jones' "Tall Tall Trees"?

I'll keep the volumes coming as long as I have the time.