Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ronnie Browne With Kai-Ray And Crew

Lodestar 81-62 (Kay Bank 3394)
Year: 1962

I Lived It Up (now I can't live it down)

My Rainbow

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DrunkenHobo said...

Do you know location of the lodestar label? Malcolm Chapman would be intrested in this for his Kaybank listing

others i have on found on Lodestar are
15-60 (Kaybank 2021) Highlights - Satteloon

our post of
Jerry Daniels 64-117 Kaybank 4871)

Shane Kai Ray Lodestar 27-61 Trashman Blues / Jungle Talk

Lodestar 74-62 Lynette With Kai-Ray & Crew - Limbo Limbo / Sugar Daddy (Don't know kaybank number for this)

DrunkenHobo said...

Just found this
KB-2021A - Hot Toddie
KB-2021B - Satteloon (Lingua Music)
Cologne, MN

so location is Cologne

DrunkenHobo said... has more

Derik said...

I believe Lodestar was a Nebraska label, often used Kay Bank to press their records. I have a few of their LPs. They issued a lot of polka, and are very similar to Pleasant Peasant.

Malcolm and I are good collaborators. We trade info on a monthly basis, and have even talked about doing a joint Kay Bank website. But neither of us has the time at the moment, and I know very little about web design outside of blogger. After my masters degree is finished I would like to learn more and actually do it.

DrunkenHobo said...

I saw Malcolm In Birmingham last week playing guitar for Carlos & The Bandidios. Great show But he was to busy to talk records.

Anonymous said...

Richard Caire, rock 'n' roll musician known as Kai-Ray, dies at 81

Minneapolis Star Tribune
June 24, 2017