Thursday, October 1, 2015

Elmer Snodgrass (repost)

Country Song Roundup, December 1957

Decca 9-31048
Year: 1959


Until Today

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DrunkenHobo said...

Chuck Atha, vocalist and impersonated other hillbilly singers, guitar

is this Rockabilly singer Chuck Atha on Fox (GA) & Stars Inc. (GA) ?

DrunkenHobo said... has more

country2228 said...

Thanks for posting this - I had never heard "Sidelines" before.

I have an old Decca LP (DL 4091) from the early 60's titled "Introducing Bill Anderson, Ernest Ashworth, Roy Drusky, Connie Hall, Lewis Pruitt, Elmer Snodgrass" with two tunes by each artist. The two included by Elmer Snodgrass were "Until Today" and "What A Terrible Feeling", which was also released as a single (Decca 31145). Both "Until Today" and "What A Terrible Feeling" charted.

Derik said...

Would love to hear those two tracks. Can you make some mp3s and email them? I'll post them.

zephyr said...

Thanks very much Derik I love these songs :)

Derik said...

you're welcome. thanks for visiting.

Crafting Fool Cat Woman said...

Elmer Snodgrass (Louis Johnson Smith) was my grandfather. He was a disc jockey, civic promoter and member of the Musical Pioneers. Originally from Alabama, he died in 1970 and is buried in Greenville, SC.

Derik said...

Thank you for the biographical info. Please share more if you have.

Apes Ville said...