Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tommy Tompkins With Lynn Strauff & The String Pickin' Pals

Billboard, August 1955
Lynn Strauff

    Does this material "sustain your interest"?

    After this record was issued, an old vaudeville performer took issue with this artist having the same name as him.  Billboard even printed his complaint in a 1956 issue.  The reality was that the name was misprinted on the label.  This Tommy spelled his name Tomkin, not Tompkins.
    I think steel guitar player Lynn Strauff played at the Flame Cafe in Minneapolis a lot, 'cause I found these two polaroids of him at the home of someone who had lots of Flame Cafe pictures.  The person who took the pictures told me he thought Lynn was from upstate New York. 
    I love that this record belonged to Texas Bill Strength, who was on the radio in the Twin Cities in the 1960's and also owned a record shop ala Ernest Tubb in Minneapolis.  I wonder if BSD stands for Bill Strength Discs?  You can hear part of one of Bill's radio shows here, from 1963.  Scroll down to the bottom/middle of the page.  Very interesting listen, as he mentions Chuck Carson playing that evening at a local bar.  He probably played this record on the air at some point.

Let's Make A Fair Trade was covered by an artist named Bob King in 1956 for RCA-Victor

BSD 350 (RCA custom press)
Year: 1955

Now Or Never

Let's Make A Fair Trade

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Country Boy Lance said...

Thanks for putting this record up if for nothing else that it used to belong to Texas Bill Strength. Bill was a friend of my family's, in fact when he worked out here in California, he stayed at my mom and dad's house. Your speculation that this was a record label belonging to Bill I don't think is plausible since the address is in New York, Bill was only based in Alabama (where he was born), Georgia, Texas, Memphis, California and, finally, Minnesota. From the stories my mom and dad have told me down through the years, Bill was quite a character and was loved by all the entertainers he rubbed shoulders with.

Derik said...

Thanks for the comment Lance.