Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Larry Miller


The linear notes of an LP on ebay read that Larry Miller was a policeman serving the communities of Sacred Heart, Renville and Hector, Minnesota.  Pretty confident it's the same guy, but I've been wrong before.  There was another Larry Miller working in California in the late fifties.

Twin Town 750 (Universal Audio 515-48220)
Year: ??? late sixties or early seventies

Lies Lies Lies

I Hear A Knock

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DrunkenHobo said...

Great Rockabilly on Lies Twin Towns (MN) 45 - 731 dates 1967 so some time after that.

Matthew Miller said...

Yes, that is Larry Miller of Hector, Minnesota. He was a policeman in that area for many years - he passed away at age 50 - November 11, 1993.

Listen to his full length album on SoundCloud @ "The Singing Policeman"

Derik said...

Thanks Matthew. Any relation of yours?