Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bobby Lawton


Bobby's real name was most likely Bobby Edenfield

These song were first issued in 1962 as D Records 1238 under the name Bobby Fields.
Other Bobby Lawson releases on the same Tobby label :
713 Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You / Hello Heart
716 Please Come Get Your Memories  / I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again    

just to clarify:
He is not Bobby Fields on REM, 1963  (=Bobby L. Benningfield)
He is not Bobby Fields on Ace  (=Bobby Marchan) and not Bobby Lawson on MRC.
(source: bobthescareddataminer)

Tobby 712 (Southern Plastics Pressing 1604/5)
Year:  1964

Your Jealous Heart

I've Lost Everything

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