Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bill Thomas

The true heart of the rockies (at least for me) lies in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.  I will be working there this summer.

His second 45 on the Douglasville, Georgia label he co-owned with Mansour.
The first release was "How Can It Be / Lonely For a Day"   M&T 101 
(source: Bob)

M & T (Mansour & Thomas) 102
Year:  ???

Heart Of The Rockies

Peanuts And Popcorn

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DrunkenHobo said... say (1966) weather thats correct I don't know?

Mellow said...

For a "MEGA,EXTREMELY RARE *45*" this was quite cheap.

M. Carroll said...

Wow, the Wind River Mountains look amazing. Have a great time and thanks for all of the cool tunes!

Apes Ville said...

Bill Thomas how can it be