Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Al Horn


Do-Ra-Me 1424
Year: 1961 or 1962

It's Much Too Soon

Where Does Love Go

Click here to --->>>Download


Rocky Lane said...

DepositFiles ... she no work. Says file download has started but it never does and page aborts. Ask for your money back.

Derik said...

I was successful in downloading it from Depositfiles, and I see 2 others were as well.

But I've replaced it with a new Mediafire link.

I am thinking of switching to Zippyshare, since I've noticed other bloggers using it. Mediafire places copywrite restrictions on about 10% of the files I upload, which is annoying.

Maybe I should ask my readers which one they prefer? You are the ones downloading it, after all. Suggestions welcome.

DrunkenHobo said...


Rocky Lane said...

Successfully downloaded other files from DepositFiles but Al Horn just wouldn't work. MediaFire was OK. So many download sites. Don't know which one is best. MegaUpload was great but the hypocrisy police toasted that.