Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lucille Bassett

Bob The Scared Data Miner writes:
     Initial release on the label, part of the McClendon Enterprises, which had about eight releases between 1959 and 1962.  Promoting the Lucille Bassett single was Jesse Basset (her husband?) who also wrote several songs for Val-Hill and may have been a part-owner.

     Jesse Bassett was the younger brother of Dewey Basset, who with his wife Gassie made a series of old-time or mountain music recordings for Bluebird from 1939-1940.   Jesse Bassett played on these recordings and also on the McClendon Brothers Bluebird sessions held in Rock Hill, South Carolina   Jesse's sister, Adelle, was married to Rupert McClendon, part-owner of the McClendon Enterprises.

Naomi Wise:
A traditional American murder ballad also known as "Omie Wise " or "Poor Omie", the story of a little orphan girl murdered by her lover.

Chilly Scenes Of Winter :
A song unencountered in the folk song litterature, but recorded a few times commercially - by the Carter Family as "If One Won't Another Will"", and on an unidentified early hillbilly record, with dobro-style guitar, "Dread Scenes of Winter".  Texas Gladden, from Virginia, sings it on Asch Records as "Dark Scenes of Winter".

Another Lucille Bassett 45 on Val-Hill was "Plain Little Country Girl/New River Train " [Val-Hill 1008, 1962] described as follows :
"Very very primtive sounding bluegrass--actually the banjo is more of the flailing style popularized by Grandpa Jones---both sides are fast numbers and sounds as though they were recorded in the late 40s---true "Hillbilly"-
Val-Hill 1001 (LaGrange, Georgia)
Year:  1959

Chilly Scenes Of Winter

Naomi Wise

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DrunkenHobo said...

Val-hill (GA) 45 -
1001 Lucille Bassett - Naomi Wise / Chilly Scenes Of Winter (1959)

1002 Lonnie Allen - Fast & Suddenly / Make Up Your Mind (1959) (Hillbilly)

1003 Harold Andress - I Have The Blues From Now On / I Can't Go On (1960)

1004 Lannier Smith - Slipping / Verbena (Instro R'N'R) (1961)

1005 Lonnie Allen - You'll Never Change Me (Rockabilly) / Let Me Know (1961)

1006 Lonnie Allen - Lonesome For Love / Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (1962)

1007 ?

1008 Lucille Bassett - Plain Little Country Girl / New River Train (1962)

Derik said...

Is this info from B.J.'s Guide? Man, I gotta find a copy of that book. I even called the publisher and they couldn't help.