Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jim Chriss

This is the first of two records issued in 1962 by Jim Chriss on his own label. The second was "Mister Blues b/w The Infantryman (Fountain 1063)".  

Jim Chriss is James V. Chriss.  In 1944, he joined the Army and served in the Pacific with the Airborne Division.  He was also a sergeant with the Airborne Division during the Korean conflict. 
By 1962, he had attained the rank Army Major and Master Parachutist, teaching class at Fort Benning Georgia in Applied Communications. 

In January of 1962, he was part of a local show staged  by the Army. His part in the show was to sing a few songs as he strummed a guitar.   After the party he just decided to write a song, then another...     "He can't remember when he wasn't a singer; he sang at all school programs..."

E.F. Chriss, the co-author, is Jim's wife, Erma Frances Chriss.

(Thanks to Bob-the-scared-data-miner for the information)

Fountain 1062
Year:  1962

Loneliness Valley

Date With The Blues

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Rocky Lane said...

Another hidden treasure "Gone With The Wind" ... until now. Thanks.

GarColga said...

Thanks man those songs are great.