Monday, February 4, 2013

Kay Bank Test Pressing

This is a 10'' disc

Found in Dick Van Hale's collection.  Barabara Lee = Barabara Lee Mac

This Is It (unissued)

Memories Of You (issued as Golden Wing 3001 in 1962)

The Greatest Man Alive (issued on Mercury LP "Dave Dudley Country" in 1967 )

Under Cover Of Night (issued as New Star NS-6420, in 1962 and as Jubilee 45-5436)

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Mellow said...

An interesting record. Note that (at least the Dave Dudley songs) are different from the released versions. I assume they are demos recorded around 1961-1962.

Derik said...

Yes, the "Memories Of You" here is also a different take than what was issued.