Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Terry Cooper And The Country Gentlemen

In December, Dick Van Hale passed away.  His daughter wrote me an email and I attended the funeral services.  She mentioned that he had quite a collection of records and photos from his career, and I was welcome to look through them if I wanted.  She was kind enough to let me scan photos and borrow a stack of records to transfer.  So I've got about 50 new discs in the cue.  That Chuck Carson record was the first, this is the second.  Thanks to Cheri for trusting I wouldn't go to the nearest pawn shop!

The Country Gentleman was Dick Van Hale's group.  His obit is here.  Note the skillful way Dick goes up and down those bass guitar strings.

I've don't know anything about Terry Cooper, but I think it's a fine record.

Kay Bee 6028 (Kay Bank 2534)
Year: 1961

Day By Day

Where Can You Be?

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Mellow said...

"Where Can You Be" is a neat little ditty.