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Jimmy Colvard Trio (revised with new pics)

Jimmy Colvard on right at The Flame Cafe, Mpls.

Jimmy Colvard

Jimmy Colvard on left, playing with Little Jimmy Dickens at The Flame Cafe, Mpls.  The slide was damaged where the steel guitar player is sitting.  Behind Little Jimmy Dickens is Dave Dudley.

Siblings Marvis & Orlo Thompson made up 2/3 of the Jimmy Colvard Trio
Jimmy played guitar on the original version of Six Days On The Road which Dave Dudley recorded at Kay Bank Studios for his Golden Wing label.  The song was picked up by Mercury Records and re-recorded in Nashville, but instead of Jimmy Colvard Dave used John Voit on guitar.  Dick Van Hale's daughter told me that he and Dave had a falling out of sorts, when Dave had promised him he would play bass on the record, but on the day of the recording Dick showed up to discover that Dave had booked another group entirely.  Dick took issued with this, claiming union rights.  I didn't ask her to go into detail, but her impression was that Dick felt betrayed and cheated out of whatever financial gain he would have realized had he played on the track.

Guess Jimmy needed his own record to fully realize what he wanted to do with the song. 

I found this Dudley quote on a guitar forum:
"I thought I sang pretty good," Dave said. But there was something else that made Dudley's version the Six Days signature. "It had a shotgun guitar, first eight bars," he said, describing a lick played by lead player Jimmy Colvard, who was a minor when the song was cut. "When he hit it with his thumb, he got the note and the harmonic. When he hit that lick on the guitar, they bought it."

On another guitar forum in 2007, Al Udeen wrote:
"I first met Jimmy Colvard in 1957, I used to go to his house in St.Paul Mn. He loved steel guitar & had me bring my 57 Sho-Bud over & play the little I knew at the time, he was able to copy the early Buddy Emmons licks that I was working on & could play them on his guitar flawlessly, In 1958 Jimmy used me on a series of package shows here in Mn. He was 15 at the time & was about the best player anywhere. One of these shows was at the Medina Ballroom, [Which is still booking country artists & is 7mi from my home]The show featured Wanda Jackson,Norma Jean, Bobby Lord & Marvin Rainwater,other shows featured George Jones [all still living]In 59 I moved to Tucson, & Jimmy was playing at the Flame Cafe in Mpls with Dave Dudley & Hal Rugg, I returned to Mpls in 61 & Jimmy got me a gig at the Flame with the band that was playing the front bar.we would carry our guitars to the Main Stage & open for the main show each nite, a few years later Dave Dudley recorded 6 Days on the Road at K-Bank studios here in Mpls with Jimmy playing that popping sound that became famous shortly after that,also in 61 I was in a band with Jimmy C, & Marvis Thompson [who later married Ferlin Husky, In 69 I moved to Nashville & my wife & I lived with Jimmy & his wife Laura in Hermitage Tn, Jimmy was playing several sessions a day & I was on the road with several artists such as Connie Smith, Charlie Walker & Jimmy Dickens, Unfortunately, Jimmy took his life up in Nisswa,Mn in 1977, I have so many memories of those great years! Regards! Al Udeen"

Sadly, Jimmy took his own life in 1977.  Maybe disco was too much for him.

Rosie 5003 (Kay Bank 3974)
Year: 1963

Six Days On The Road

Traveling Guitar

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Mellow said...

Thanks, will add that too.

theoldgrinch said...

Thanks !!!I've been collecting truck music for quite a while & didn't know this existed, but hold the wagon, Dave Dudley did not record the original version of Six Days On The Road, that distinction goes to a pretty much unknown singer Paul Davis,Davis' version had been released on the Bulletin label in 1961, Cheers

Derik said...

Yes, I didn't mean to imply that Dudley was the first to record the song. I meant "his" original cut of the song.