Monday, January 7, 2013

Chuck Carson (8th post)

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I have been looking a while for a Chuck Carson record on a label called Joyce, but didn't know where the label was based or anything about it.  Some even had it spelled Joice, which threw me off the trail, so to speak.  I must admit I didn't know this was Chuck until I listened to it, and did a double take, looked at the artists names again, and noticed the C. Krenz, which was Chuck's real name.  His daughter tells me this might have been pressed several times with differing b-sides.  I never expected to find this record, and it gives me hope of finding the others.  I've updated the discography to reflect newly discovered information.

J. Wells is Jimmy Wells And The Dakota Roundup, a well-known group back in the late 40's and 50s.  They had 2 records on the North Star label that I know of.  Jimmy was Ardis Wells' husband.  I'm not sure who C. Wells is, but it must be some relation of Jimmy's.

Joyce 602
Year: 1955


Oklahoma Stomp (instr.)


Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

This Joyce label was out of Louisville, Kentucky. Probably released thanks to Pee Wee King, (co-?)owner of the label.

(45RPM Joyce page has two -not related- labels listed, one from St Louis (RnB) the other from Louisville (hillbilly)

Derik said...

I couldn't find any information on Pee Wee King owning any record labels. What's your source?

thanks for the comment