Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Riley Crabtree

Country Picnic 602
Year: 1957

This is on Youtube, but my audio is better and my labels are cleaner so I'm stretching my self-imposed rule of not repeating others' work.  I still can't figure out why people choose to post records on Youtube.  If they feel like they are preventing people from downloading their content, they are soooooo wrong.   Guess they haven't heard of Free Youtube Converter.  It's such backwards thinking.  Why not just do a blog?  That's my 2 cents.

Something Tells Me

Tattle Tattle Tale

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KL from NYC said...

Good One.
I love the record company name too, but wish they had a fancy logo to go with it.

KL from NYC said...

BTW, you're two-cents are right, but some people do it to avoid the copyright hassles (although I've heard that YouTube requires song clearance now and yanks a lot of them every month).

I've had teenaged students who liked to watch the ones where they showed the record being played (they'd never seen them before).

Derik said...

I've never had anyone give me trouble with the music I've posted, so I don't know what their fears are based on.

You're right, lots of folks have never even seen a record player, sadly. I had a friend try to put the needle down for the first time, and she put it at the end of the groove, thinking that's where the record started.