Thursday, December 20, 2012

Claire Terese

Billboard Magazine, May 9th, 1960

Corsair 100
Year: 1960

My Future Just Passed

Just For You

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Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

This Corsair label is somewhat really obscure. As far as I known, it's surely a Hollywood label owned by T.J. (Thomas/Tommy) Lafferty about who I can't find any information.

Claire and Mabel Lafferty, two relatives of the owner , wrote songs issued on the label.

Does anyone has info about the Lafferty family ?

KL from NYC said...

Both sides are nice.

It sounds like the pressings are way off-center, though.

MrTeenSwe said...

"Just For You" was also recorded by Teena Roma on the ARTEEN label :)

Bruce said...

Couldn't find anything about Corsair, a release from Screaming Jay Hawkins shows up on a Nashville Corsair Label in 69, but not sure whether it's the same label. Hank Levine the conductor/arranger in the first song worked out of both LA and Nashville. Here's a bit on him and his book about commercial real estate investing