Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Billy Folger (2nd Post)

When I visited with Red Johnson last summer, he gave me a cdr of a session he recorded in 1985 in his home basement studio in Coon Rapids, Mn.  I saved it until now because it contains two songs about snow, and I've been trying to post records with that word in the title on the first snowfall of the year.  Sunday we got 16 inches of snow in Minnesota, which was a very welcome sight after last year's no-show of snow.  This is the only time I've heard him sing Close To My Heart, which Chuck Carson sang on his first record.

Billy was from Louisiana and was on the local television station KSTP in Minnesota.  A live Saturday night broadcast called the Sunset Valley Barn Dance.

Billy Folger on North Star

When The Snowflakes Are Falling

When The Drifting Snowflakes Fall

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Here's tip on shoveling snow:  If the air temperature is above freezing, most likely the snow will stick to your shovel.  Apply a generous coating of Crisco and your problem is solved.  A little nordic know-how.


DrunkenHobo said...

Do they sell Crisco in Wales? I could do with some. It's about time to fit the gritter to the back of the truck & the snow plough to the ride-on. Only - 6 last night.

Mellow said...

Thanks, great songs!

ssoloway said...

Amazing! This goes up there with The Country Jans record. Thanks!