Monday, November 5, 2012

Hope Griffith

Man this woman sings like a bird, doesn't she?  I'm wondering if Buddy Holly plays on this record.  The not-always reliable internet says she was from Lubbock, Texas and apparently had a radio program.

Some information about this label, midway down the page:

Triple-D label based in Seminole, Tx. Owner: Chester Oliver.  Active from c.1956--60

Another Hope Griffith post:

Year: 1958

Only Once In Awhile

Don't Ever Leave Me

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Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

Nice find. Thanks.

Hope Griffith had a TV show every Saturday in the early fifties, backed by Waylon Jennings and Weldon Myrick, who also did some records with her. She was then the star, not Waylon...

"Only Once In A While" was also on one of her first (or her first?) record, a 78 rpm on the Plains label in 1953.

Kay Crabtree married Janet Hope Griffith on July 1, 1960 in Lubbock. Kay worked as a car salesman, real estate agent, and musician before receiving his radio broadcast license. He worked in radio in Lubbock and El Paso before returning to Floydada in 1963 to take up a career in farming.

In the 90s, Hope was a teacher at Floydada High School.

Accompanied by her husband, she also sang at innumerable funerals.

Sadly, I've found no pic of her.

Rocky Lane said...

Her "There's A Present For You" on Blue Moon is just fantastic!

Larry Jolley Real Estate said...

My dad was James Jolley who wrote "There's a Present for You" and "Jesus is my Santa Claus". Ms. Griffith sang both of those. Thanks for mentioning this. How nice.

S Lloyd said...

Hope was one of the best teachers I had at Floydada High School and she sang frequently at the First Methodist Church in Floydada as well. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years, first as a teacher (she tought 11th grade English and AP Psychology) and now as a landlord as I farm some of her land.

She is very sharp and a delightful woman to this day and though I always knew she had an amazing voice (one of my favorite memories in school was a group of us obnoxious students in the aforementioned AP psych class refusing to start working until she sang to us; she picked Amazing Grace and stopped putting up with our nonsense afterward), I knew nothing of her recording career until today.

She and her husband put out a record years later. I can't find it online anywhere but it's a treat, too.

Derik said...

Thanks you S Lloyd for that wonderful comment. It's great to get more information about her. It would be great to get in touch with her. Would love to have a photo to accompany the blog post, and maybe an interview.

take care,

Rockin Stars said...

I have a nice photo of Hope. I took her younger sister out to dinner 40 some years ago