Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bob Blum


Bob Blum obit

excerpt from obit: "In 1954, my wife and I moved to Seattle, Washington where my wife was from. I couldn't find any work in music, so we moved to Eugene, Oregon where I joined up with grand Pappy Smith and the Western Valley Boys. While in Eugene, Oregon, I cut two or three records and then we moved back to Kansas City, Missouri around 1956."

Orbit 101
Year: 1956

Thanks To You

Where Are The Stars Tonight

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DrunkenHobo said...

Thanks I had not heard the flip before. Orbit (OR) 45 - 103 - "Rompin' Stompin' Good Time" is good uptempo hillbilly by Bob.(Full version in link below) Flip = "Before I Go" (1956) There is a short sample here

I don't know what the 3rd 45rpm was on Orbit? Or is it another label?

+ it list 2 more on Ripchord same Bob ?
Ripchord is a (CA) label