Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bill Thompson

According to the internet, the Rebel label was based in Colorado.  This was pressed in Mn.  There are a couple of other 45s Bill released on the label, leading me to believe it was his own.
Ebay auction with another one

I'd like to hear those others, since I am fond of this one.

Rebel (Kay Bank 5-4957)
Year: 1965

Gee, But It's A Lonesome Old Town

I Miss You Like Crazy

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Mellow said...

Many Rebel labels out there. First thought it was the Batesville, ARK, label:

You can also listen to another Bill Thompson record here:

I guess he's not the brother of Hank Thompson.

DrunkenHobo said...

Chattahoochee Valley Boys? Thats Alabama. Bill Must Have moved around a lot. The utube one is a gold star texas press. But on this Kaybank press the label is the same as Shelby Smith on Rebel Arkansas. As there all custom Pressings I guess Bill Used who ever was the cheapest at the time. This is a mystery. Guess we need to find out where Bill Thompson lived. A research project for Tsroop?