Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kaye Whittle

Museum 16
Year: ???

When I Laugh

Give Me A Call

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Mellow said...

They should have let sing the chorus alone. Whittle was a bad singer.

Derik said...


My mom said the same thing when I put this on the record player. But she's kinda charming in her way, and I like the record overall. Worth the $5 I paid.

We must also be careful what we say about these artist, since they often do google searches of their name and find the records here. I certainly don't want her or any of her relatives to think we are being disrespectful. I have enough trouble just explaining/defending the meaning of the blog's title.

Jack Hayden said...

I just played this track again just to listen to her distinctive vocals. There's a sincerity and tone to her voice I find really endearing. Thanks.

ssoloway said...

Her vocals are amazing! Very genuine sounding. Wonderful find!