Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hezzie Johnson

Lark 100
Year: 1974

Streets of Gold

Little Star Like Me

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WESTEX said...

Very slick Mr. Hezzie... he just appropriated the melody for the standard "Mansions Over the Hilltop". He had a nack for that.

It is nice to know that Hez(z)i.e. had another release besides the monster that is "Wedding Bells" / "Muddy Mississippi RIver". I'll have to post that up at Country. & Western.

nate cole said...

i love your blog and listen to your posts often (by the way, i wish there was an option to stream all songs as a single playlist).

i had never heard "streets of gold" but as WESTEX pointed out it borrows from "mansion over the hilltop" which was written by my grandfather, ira stanphill. pretty cool to come across such an obscure coincidence!