Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Texas Jim Roberts

I have slightly modified this post, to reflect the comment made by Lonesome Lefty.  Thanks.

Masterseal ###
Year: 1957

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Lonesome Lefty said...

Hi Derik,

I'm really enjoying this post. I have this little LP hanging around somewhere, I always pick up anything cool on the 10" LP format.
I have to say, I don't believe this LP really has anything to do with Texas Jim Robertson. He was a cowboy singer who sold a lot of Bluebird 78's in 30's & 40's, and by the end of his career was based out of New Jersey. Plagued by a failing career and personal problems, he committed suicide in 1966.
This record consists of no name covers of country hits that were popular at the time of it's release. The name"Texas Jim Roberts" could be real, or it could be totally fictitious, as this was a pretty common practice for such records. The only name I recognize is Dale Noe, who wrote Wynn Stewart's biggest hit, "It's Such A Pretty World Today".
Anyhow, back to Texas Jim Robertson, he sang in a very distinctive low voice and tended to perform more "cowboy" or "western" type material. He did make a few LPs for Pickwick later in his career, but these still display his unique style.
Congrats on a great transfer!

Uncle Gil said...

We can find a Johnny Todd (aka Sammy Masters) on Modern (Pink Cadillac/Some Like It Hot) and a Dale Noe's track (I'm Sorry I Got In The Way)on the Arizona Hillbilly Compilation by The Hillbilly Researcher (HBR#37)...