Friday, July 13, 2012

The Lee Brothers & The Bristlin Twins

Red Johnson wrote:
 "I started out singing as Johnny Lee and Danny Lee (Danny Danielson no relation) was a steel player and worked with Me many years the flip side LOST ROMANCE is Danny singing by himself.
Billy Don was a drifter who came into town and Duped a bunch of us into thinking he was from Nashville. He went to work and set up this session and had no money to pay for it and neither did I at the time so I guess it was written off. There was a misprint on the label and we became THE TRAILER RIDERS OF THE GOLDEN WEST Instead of the Trail Riders.
 John Voit & Eddie Adams were the twin fiddles on this recording I just re-recorded PLACE IN MY HEART on my new album THE OLD MAN AT A TABLE"
Records and photo courtesy Red Johnson
Bristlin Twins = DuWaine & Shirley Bristlin

North Star 2053
Year: 1956

By The Ocean Side

Dreaming Of You

Lee Brothers = Arvid "Red" Johnson and Danny Danielson

North Star 2054
Year: 1956

Place In My Heart

Lost Romance

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DrunkenHobo said...

Thanks for sharing this Derik. I am learning about country & Rockabilly music form (MN) & (WI) all the time. Its great to have someone from the area who digs it as well.

Ron the hillbilly said...

Thanks for sharing thanks for all your hard work that other may in joy.