Sunday, July 8, 2012

Johnny Western

Joco 301
Year: 1952

Give Me More, More, More

The Violet And The Rose

Click here to --->>>Download (with surprise)


DrunkenHobo said...

Thats the sort of HEP surprise I dig. Would like to here more on the HEP label. Cheers

chuckhess said...

In 1965, I worked with Bud Auge, the writer of The Violet and The Rose. I knew and stil keep in touch with Red Johnson. I believe these two guys started Hep Records. I went to Grand Ole Opry shows and got to go back stage

Derik said...

Thanks for the comment. I just got an email from Red the other day. I met him just once but it was a good meeting. Do you have any records you'd like to share? Send me an email.