Friday, January 11, 2013

Jay Rees & The Monarks (revised with newly found picture sleeve)

In the News: Boy orders lighting to strike girl

Police reported today that Minneapolis high school student Jay Rees was arrested for allegedly ordering a bolt of lighting to strike his ex-girfriend.  The girl said she had been taking a walk downtown when lighting struck the pavement mere feet from her.  The shock of the blast caused her to be blown several yards away, and she knew right away that it had to be her recently former boyfriend Jay, who had threatened to send lighting her way if she didn't take him back.  She immediately reported the incident to police, who apprehended Rees at his parent's Lake Street home.  Officers are still questioning involved parties and witnesses.  Damning evidence was found in the boy's possession in the form of a recording he made with his band The Monarks, which features him singing about attacking the girl.  A state meteorologist is also being consulted to ascertain if this sort of phenomenon is indeed possible.  More details to follow as they develop.

Soma 1184
Year: 1962

Streak Of Lighting

Little Mo Min

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DrunkenHobo said...

"More details to follow as they develop."

did they develop, gotta believe it was in the paper lol

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Bob said...

Aka James Reesor, Tennessee gubernatorial candidate.

Genuine crazy. He's made several hundred YouTube videos...