Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diane Emond

Both Bob Dylan and Prince later wrote songs called "I Wanna Be Your Lover".  Who knew Diane Emond was so influential?

Redcoat 63201/2
Year: 1963

I Wanna Be Your Lover

I Can't Help It (if I'm still in love wih you)

Click here to --->>>Download  (surprise inside)


Ļickable♔Ĥunk™©® said...

Wow what a surprise, I love this and all girl group sounds.
Thanks so much !
Any chance you can upload the one missing song, the flip of Little By Little called "Perfect Stranger" ?
Thanks again,

Derik said...

I've uploaded all the tracks I have of her. You'd have to buy the record to get that b-side. I don't own the record, cause the ebay seller is asking $80. A bit out of my price range.

JohnnyDiego said...

This is my first listen to Diane Emond. Thank you for a tasty post and a nifty little surprise inside.
I like the way you always complete the iTunes info box. It helps that I don't have to always search for dates and pictures.
And a big thank you for continuing to add to my iTunes library.

Derik said...


You're welcome. You are the first person to ever thank me for filling in the iTunes fields. I spend an enormous amount of time doing that for songs I download from other blogs, so I think it one thing that distinguishes me. It's the German in me, I think. Very thorough.

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