Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chill Wills 2nd posting

Watch this:

I just love at the end of the video the girls getting out of the car and taking chill by the hand.  Never pictured Chill having groupies.  Chill also incorrectly states that this is his first LP.  "Everybody's Cousin" certainly predates it.  Maybe he forgot he made the first one.

Hope to find the full LP someday.  Until then, here's one single.

Metromedia 146 (from the album "Hello Cousin")
Year: 1969?

Broad Daylight

Daddy's Girl

Click here to --->>>Download

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Howdy said...

I own Hello Cousin LP. A band I was in we actually covered Daddy's Girl. There was a video posted Daddy's Girl on youtube from the old Porter Wagoner Show that is wild. A great post Derik! I would love to own the 45!