Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bob Merrill

Bob Merrill wrote some good songs in his career (or not depending on your point of view):

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
If I Knew You Were Coming I'dve Have Baked A Cake
Mambo Italiano

Roulette 4085
Year: 1958

With One Side Of Your Heart

Swimming Suit

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Bob The Sponge said...

Thanks Derik,

For a different appreciation of this songwriter, see "The Worst Songwriter of All Time" by Mark Steyn here:

Bruce said...

Thanks for posting the up the songs Derik and thanks for the link to the article Bob. I'd have to disagree with the headline of the article that he was one of the worst songwriters ever. His wild success (Homer and Jethro just don't parody anybody) would indicate he was pretty damn good at it. So his songs were simplistic and their wasn't much to the lyrics, but they were easy to sing and instant earworms. As Tom T Hall said his favorites of all the ones he wrote were the ones that sold the most, not because of the money they brought in, but because they were the ones people liked the most.

The innocence of the songs against the backdrop of the label ownership is rather interesting isn't i? sort of a Blue Velvet thing.

DrunkenHobo said...

Wow Thats what I'm rebeling against. Real nice pop RN'R for the ivy league crowd lol. Made me laugh at least. Any chance of the Gene Vincent version?