Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band:

Coulee 122
Year: 1968

My Baby Left Me (Vocal - Larry Crandall)

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Carlos said...

Nice sounds from the past... curious about the A-side!

Ļickable♔Ĥunk™©® said...

Thank you very much for posting this.
If the flip side "Five Foot Two" is any good, can you post that when you get the chance "

Derik said...

Trust me the a-side is no good. I am protecting your interests by not posting it.

Bruce said...

Pulled this post by Bill Moen off the "Garage Hangover" Blog. A nice bit on the studios.

"Sometime in the mid to late 1980s me and a buddy of mine went track down info on the lable. The studio was in a regular house in a small town outside of LaCrosse. The city by the way had (and has) close to the highest per capita amount of taverns in the state. From the 40s to through the 60s the area was full of taverns and dancehalls, lots of places for music. The studio was in the basement of the house, a 1950s style rec room. At the time they still had parts of a sound booth there, the studio part hard some linoleum floors, 50s paneling, etc. Very nice lady, Bill Graft's widow, showed us around. I remember her telling about the London Fog (high school band from LaCrosse maybe who did the cool/weird Mr. Baldi), and some other local bands. I wish I had the sense to have a tape recorder with me, she had some interesting stories. For what it is worth, the name of the lable came form the area topography. There are lots of hills and valleys (coulees) in the LaCrosse area."

Highest per capita amount of taverns in Wisconsin, that's a hell of a lot of taverns!!

JS said...

Isn't this Coulee 122 and not 125.

Matrix #s on my copy: C45 122 SJW-10429 A side
and C45 122 SJW-10429 B side

JS said...

1968 was the recording session for this single release.