Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bob Cole

Recent ebay auction:

Starday Custom Pressing (Jay 623)
Year: 1957

Face To Face

You Lied

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DrunkenHobo said...

Books at $50 for a unplayed Mint copy so its geting close.

Derik said...

$216.38 is a lot more than $50. Guess that price guide needs a reprint.

DrunkenHobo said...

Books been outa few years. Most older collectors have the big buck records now. But there is a big collection of 2nd generation Rockabillys who are now middle aged with no debts & money in the bank starting to collect. Who before only bought repro comps & cd's. Starday Custom Pressings are particully collectable like sun 45rpm. This and ebay giving everybody a chance to bid have put prices up. Remember most rockin' 45rpm used to be sold on private lists between collectors. If you did not know the seller you never got a chance to bid. Once all the new generation of rockabillys have a copy the price will settle down again. Price can get vastly inflated if a certain track becomes popular at the Rockabilly weekenders and has not been bootlegged yet. 45rpm are now seen as a investment, but I still think in the next few years most 45 prices will stablise. There will always be the exception when 2 or 3 katz realy want a record and bid like crazy. Still enjoying your finds.