Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Benny Ketchum

Benny's Obituary

Pride (RCA Custom)
Year: 1966

Sad Sad World

That Ain't No Stuff

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Bruce said...

Great name to go along with a couple of great sides! Thanks for posting these up.

Anonymous said...

Steve said.....
I really hope that "Some Local Loser" is not intended to refer to Benny. My dad and Benny were friends in Dewey, Oklahoma, Benny's home town. Benny lived north east of town, and was part of a good Delaware Indian family. We knew several of the famly well, and visited with them when I was a kid. A number of Ketchums still live around Dewey. Benny headed up the band at Cains Ball room in Tulsa, played the Grand 'Ol Opry, and helped start several very big Western Swing names. Not just "Some Local Loser".

Derik said...

Thanks for the comment. Please read the following post:


Chris Bishop said...

I wrote about another release on Pride by the Infernos at I'd like to know more about that group and other artists on the label, such as the Cinders, Jerry Boggs, Benny Ketchum, Tommy Florence, the Rompers, and the Group Love Corp. Thanks!

ashley bunch said...

He was the best my dad Mark Barnhill played the drums for him and my mother Tresa Barnhill played keyboard

Derik said...

Nice, thanks for the comment Ashley. Got any photos please email them, and I'll post.