Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vernon Dalhart

Bruce from Seattle was very kind to lend me his copy of Vernon Dalhart: First Star of Country Music. I am in the middle of it and find it to be a very good read, with an extensive discography which takes up almost half the book. Dalhart certainly was a hard worker in the studio.

Here are 2 records, one on the Herschel Gold Seal label. This label used masters from the Gennett record company, issuing 21 records in 1926-1927. Two of those 21 were of Dalhart.

I'll never be able to hear the song Golden Slippers without picturing grandpa Walton dancing around with Ester at their anniversary party.

Will someone please tell me why Bear Family chooses to release everything Jimmy Skinner ever did, while ignoring Dalhart? Jeez.

Golden Slippers

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Bruce said...

Thanks for the Dalhart and am glad yor enjoying the book.

It's amazing just how fast Dalhart fell out of favor and I don't think that sound has ever really returned to favor evidenced by the fact that there's not many comps of his material. I'd say Bear family has never released any Dalhart because it's not what we consider "country" these days it more falls under the category of "Oldtimey". It's too bad he still goes so unnoticed given just how bright his star shone at one time and how much quality material he put out there.

Derik said...

I emailed Mainspring Press and they say the book is out of print and they have no more copies.

Makes me appreciate your generosity to lend me this book, which I certainly would not have read otherwise.