Thursday, December 15, 2011

Larry Lee Phillipson

Not sure exactly what year this was issued. The RCA Custom pressing matrix starts with Z, indicating a 1970 date. But this website's discography states it was recorded in 1971. He apparently also recorded the same 2 songs in 1966.

Phillipson 1006
Year: 1971

Double Time Heart

A Corner In My Heart

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MopTopMike said...

The ZAFX code is not from an RCA or Columbia pressing account - It's Nashville operation.
The code is read as a date 7205011 = 1st pair of digits = year (72), second pair of digits = month (May)
last pair = date (1st). The final number, either a "1" or a "2" denotes the side of the record the song has been designated for - side 1 or side 2.

Derik said...

Thanks for the info mike. Do you have a book you are getting this from or someplace online?