Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kari Scott

Kari Scott blogspot

Karicraft 108
Year: unknown

If You Ever See Me Again

Joker Is Your Name

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Bruce said...

Hey another NW label thanks!

Here's a link to a good interview with Kari Scott

The studio this was recorded in is the same one where the Sonics recorded "Boom".

Shotgun Red (Hildreth) listed as "Bass and Guitar" used to perform with Buck Owens on his Bar-K Gang on KTNT TV in Tacoma

Looks like the Steel player Speedy Price continued to play around town - 2009 is the last mention I have of him.

Again thanks, it's always nice to see/hear something from the local area.

Kari Scott Music said...

Thanks for remembering. I had my records re-mastered onto cds awhile back so all are available on digital download on iTunes and cdbaby.Links on Also on Have a listen. Memories on there to read too.

Kari Scott Music said...

I should have mentioned earlier the I was the first one interviewed on that site..there are some pics of us at Wiley Studio in Tacoma, a couple of me and Harvey Thomas and his Infernal Music Machine..Answered the questions about my time in music.Keep clicking on older posts til you get to me..Keep up the good work..