Friday, November 4, 2011

Wally Jones

Article about Spar Records

Spar 719
Year: unknown (1962 or later)

Funny Way Of Laughing

PT 109

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Bruce said...

Hey thanks! I've got a compilation of Spar signles and this isn't on it - it is now.

The article fails to mention that the arranger Bergen White (Polk Salad Annie, Elvis's Vegas stuff and much much more) was also on this label. I think he must have done a lot of their arranging and also cut a number of sides with Bobby Russell (who is mentioned)

Great label, thanks for the post!

Derik said...

How about sharing your Spar compilation?

HitRecordsofNashville said...

Wally Jones was a made-up name for Nashville singer Tom Walls who later became a studio engineer/manager and record company owner (Supreme Records).