Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pascal Williams

Jay 15121(2)
Year: unknown

Crazy In Love

Biding Time

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Bruce said...

Really cool looking label! Here's what I found out about the label and Pascal.

The label was most likely based in Odessa Texas and probably owned by Pascal himself.

Pascal was the bass player for a popular swing band out of Witchita Falls, Texas called the "The Miller Brothers". They were the house band and namesake of the M-B (Miller Brothers) Corral club in Witchita Falls. More info on the band and one of there recordings on 4 star can be found here http://lonestarstomp.blogspot.com/2010/03/loco-choo-choo.html
A nice article about the M-B Corral Club is here http://scottymoore.net/MBCorral.html

As always thanks for posting all the great music and labels!

WESTEX said...

This was also issued, likely re-issued, on the Deep South label. Pascal had an additional release on Zeke Clements' Gold Standard label, "Who Flung That 'Mater" b/w "I Believe In You".

I want to say he was actually from the town of Kermit, about 30 miles west of Odessa. Or at least I recall seeing dj scribbles relating such on a copy of this 45 I used to have.

Fairly common record locally. He must have moved quite a few copies in the area.

WESTEX said...

One additional piece of info... the Deep South release of this record is an RCA Custom and dates to 1964. The songwriter for both of these sides, and co-writer of both sides of the Gold Standard single, was residing in Odessa as of 1966 according to an old phone directory on the shelves.

Not that any of this really matters.

KL from NYC said...

Nice two-sider.
Thank you.

James Williams said...

He was actually born in Winters, Texas. His birthday is tomorrow, he would have been 82 . I would love to have a copy of these.


James Pascal Williams Jr.

B. J. Williams said...

I would also love to have a copy, im one of his many grandchildren

Billy James Williams

dwilliams said...

Would love a copy. I am his first born daughter. We lived in Abilene, Tx at the time - 1951

Deborah G Williams