Monday, November 28, 2011

Margie La Ferry

Billboard Nov. 20, 1961

Peach 752
Year: 1961

Blue Blue Heartache

Same Old Lies

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Bruce said...

Besides the clip you have up there I couldn't find anything on Margie.

There's a bit more on the songwriters Ivan Ward and Cal Veale including this nice steel guitar instro by the two of them on Starday

Here's Ivans brief obituary
"Modesto Bee, The (CA) - May 10, 2003
Deceased Name: IVAN Q. WARD
May 1, 1928 -- May 9, 2003
Ivan Quinton Ward, 75, of Watts, Okla., died Friday at his home.
Mr. Ward was a native of Watts, Okla. He had lived in Ceres 26 years before moving to Watts. He was a professional musician. He enjoyed fishing." (I think he lived in Watts 26 years before moving to Ceres)

Interestingly I did find mention that he was a founding member of the Siloam Springs Steel Guitar Club in Arkansas, a town that is fairly close to his hometown of Watts. I'm not sure when that was.

Cal Veale wrote and sang (or talked) the classic car crash song "Paralyzed" which is well worth a listen. He also worked with Bill Carter and did some producing.

According to Billboard in 1965 Slim Williamson and Ott Stephens who owned this label bought 50% of Cal Veale's Twin Oaks publshing company.

Mellow said...

Never knew Cal Veale did a steel guitar instro. As P. Koskela noted in the video description, Veale was active in the Modesta, CA, area and worked with Bill Carter, who owned the Indigo label. Veale worked as a producer for this label and also wrote songs, including Carter's "Shot Four Times and Dying." Veale also tried his hand at singing, his first release being probably a rock&roll outing with the Howard Reading Trio on Las Vegas Records, "Don't Cry Baby" b/w "Standing on the Edge of Nowhere." Later, he also released "Paralyzed" and "40th & Plum" on Spring Records.

DrunkenHobo said...

Margie La Ferry had a 2nd 45rpm on Peach (GA) 45 - 758 - Ask Not To Call My Name / ? (1962)

Zaphod said...

Margie La Ferry (Nichols) is my Grandmother. I have had the pleasure of listening to her music my whole life. When I was a teenager, I would load her gear into her El Camino and drive to some retirement home in the area so that she could perform for the folks there. I loved it and I love this woman so much. She's alive and well...and still singing. The family would mention these recordings from time to time and were thought to be lost yet here they are. Thank you.

Derik said...

Thank you Zaphod. Please give her my best wishes and thank her for the record.